Best 2012 US Election Ad So Far

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Screencap from Obama election ad 'Reverse'I hate a lot of the political ads blasting away on my TV but I love this one – President Obama’s ad is short and to the point giving a reason for his re-election “Remember how things were in 2008? Do we really want to reverse course now?”

Most of the ads I’ve been seeing on my local stations are false negative ads from third party groups from Karl Rove to the US Chamber of Commerce against the President and Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. The local stations refuse to not air the false ads because they think they have to air all of them regardless if they are factual.

There is one election ad I do like because it is positive, short, and to the point. It comes from the President’s re-election campaign and titled “Reverse”. It asks a simple question: “Remember how things were in 2008? Do we really want to reverse course now?” Mitt Romney wants to return to the fail economic policy that led to the 2008 economic collapse.

The best part of Obama’s ad is the facts in the ad are true.

Reverse – Obama for America 2012 Television Ad

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  • Obama won't get nearly enough credit for having his facts right. Strangely, this is no longer something voters seem to expect. But you are right – it should count.
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    • Too true he won't get the credit for the facts.