Papa John Schnatter Too Cheap To Provide Affordable Health Care For His Workers

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image of 'Papa' John SchnatterThe founder and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter said during a shareholders conference call last week that if the Affordable Care Act wasn’t repealed it would add up to 14 cents onto the cost of a pizza. It’s good too know that Papa John thinks 14 cents is far more important than affordable health care for his minimum wage workers.


So glad his priorities are in the right place – right? Not to mention the delivery charge that doesn’t even go to the delivery drivers

quote image of Papa John's priorities

(H/T Crooks and Liars)

*Side Note*

Some of the articles I read about this issue had reader comments along the lines that the pizza was not good. Personally, Papa John’s is one of the better tasting chain pizzas that I like. Pizza Hut is the worse ever since they moved to assembly line food instead of making it fresh to order. Papa John’s has good flavor – YMMV.

Of course a mom and pop local pizza place is the best but they are usually the most expensive.

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  • I certainly don't need to eat there anymore.

    • Yes because the CEO is a cheap labor conservative not because the pizza might taste bad

      • Yep. I think I liked their pizza fairly well for chain pizza.