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Tea Party Member Of Ohio School Board Wants To Ban Books

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image of Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar
Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar supports gun rights but wants to ban books

Pretty ironic when a Tea Party member, who screams about the right to bear arms, doesn’t see the irony in wanting to ban books in public schools. Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar, who is a member of several Tea Party groups and who once compared President Obama to Hitler, sees nothing wrong in violating the civil rights of students and their families by wanting to ban books used in schools.
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Gov. Kasich And Anti-Women Ohio Republicans Have Lost The Next Election

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Ohio Gov. Kasich celebrating a victory against women

On Sunday June 30th, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a state budget that included one of the most restrictive abortion regulations enacted by a state so far. This cheap attack on women’s right to choose was inserted at the last minute, with no debate or public input, and rammed through the Republican controlled legislature. The new law not only redefines pregnancy to include any fertilized egg but also says using birth control pills is an abortion. If Kasich and his Republicans get any votes from women in 2014, I will have to consider moving out of the state. I really hate bigots and I really hate stupid people and any woman who would vote for people who took away their rights would be very stupid.
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As Usual, Governor Kasich’s Magic Math Hurts The Poor

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image of Ohio Governor John Kasich speaking
Ohio Governor John Kasich explaining his magic math

Normally if someone insisted on doing something even after it was proven they were wrong, that person would have their mental state questioned. Think of a child who keeps touching a hot cooking pot even after getting burned the first time. Ohio Governor John Kasich, with he latest budget proposal, is touching the hot pot again trying to use magic math to give the 1 percenters a huge tax break while hurting the poor.
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Grannygate spews onto Kasich and ‘Building a Better Ohio’

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Image of a No on Issue 2 logoBuilding a Better Ohio, the pro Issue 2 (pro-sb5) group, released a new ad this week that shamelessly cut and pasted part of an anti-sb5 ad and it looked like the grandma in the ad supported Issue 2 even though she is actually against Issue 2. Even after 30 TV stations pulled the misleading ad, Governor Kasich and ‘Building a Better Ohio’ won’t repudiate it.
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King Kasich censors press at budget plan press conference

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Found out today that Ohio Governor John Kasich is censoring any video or photos from his budget plan release press conference on Tuesday. The arrogance of this joker is ridiculous. I guess he doesn’t want any video record of what he presents that can be used against him later. You last saw this kind of secrecy in the administration of President George W Bush and has never been done at the state level. Kasich has also fallen in a recent poll and he’s only been in office three months.

Reporters have been told they will not be allowed to broadcast sound and images from the Tuesday release of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s budget plan.

Spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp says journalists can bring only pens, notepads and tape recorders to the afternoon briefing, where Kasich is to announce the first details of his state spending blueprint for the next two years. She says videos and photos will be prohibited and the audio may not be used for anything but checking accuracy.

Gov. Kasich Forbids Broadcast of His Budget Plan

King Kasich’s day gets worse.

In his first two months as Governor, John Kasich has scored a lower approval rating than the last three Governors, including Bob Taft, at this point in their terms. Most telling in this first poll are the independents, who at this point, are decidedly against the Governor – disapproving 52% to 30%. Kasich receives even worse marks for his handling of the economy, picking up the approval of just 38% of those polled.

Buyer’s Remorse: New Poll Shows Voters Abandoning Kasich