Kerry gains after 1st debate

The first of 3 Presidential debates was held tonight in Miami. Pundit Pinheads agree that John Kerry did a better job than President Bush on the debate topic of Iraq and homeland security.

It was assumed that Bush would score well on that topic. That is why it was the first topic of the debates. But Kerry was able to make his points, rebut most of Bush’s, and to steer the debate toward his agenda.

Each candidate got into details on some of the issues like what kind of talks should be held with North Korea.

The other part of the debate had nothing to do with what was said but how each man presented his ideas and presented himself.

We saw the return of Bush the stammerer. He has been known not to be good at off the cuff remarks and it showed. Also while Kerry was speaking Bush looked annoyed the whole time like he wanted to fight. His eyes darted around the room and it looked like he was chewing on the inside of his cheek.

Kerry refrained from his long winded responses and while Bush talked he either listened intently or wrote some notes to himself.

Oh and the two wives had similar colored outfits……