Peter Jennings 1938-2005

The “face” of ABC News died today and I really miss him.

I was a Cronkite kid, growing up with Uncle Walter who I trusted as much as my mom. Then when he retired and Dan Rather took over I was a bit lost. For some reason I just never cared for Dan.

Then I found Peter on ABC’s World News Tonight. His confident delivery and focus on World news fit in with my needs at the time. I wanted to know and felt I needed to know about the world outside the US. In the days before cable news and the Internet, the main source of world news was one of the nightly newscasts.

I was alone in my love of World News Tonight. My Mom was a stick in the mud CBS News viewer and we use to have arguments over watching Rather or Jennings. I lost those battles but when she would be napping after work or wasn’t home, the TV was on Jennings.

Peter Jennings reminded me of Peter Mansbridge on the CBC and if you squinted they looked like twins. I also liked Jennings Canadian accent as it gave him a non-US allure like the presenters on the BBC.

It is a sad day for me.

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  1. Journalism is in such a state these day that it can't afford to loose the good ones. With the recent repetition of historical mistakes, Peter Jennings own experience is an asset that should be sorley missed. 

  2. I don't like to malign the dead. I will just suffice it to say that I didn't appreciate Mr. Jennings reporting as much as you did.I am however glad that the network news channels lost their strangle hold on the dissemination of information. There is no longer a decidedly left slant to the news. That is a good thing. 

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