Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for charity

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game created by some college students a long time ago. The premise was that any actor in history could be connected to the actor Kevin Bacon and the challenge was to make the connection in as few steps as possible. For example, one of my favorite actors is silent era star Louise Brooks. She has a Bacon Number of 3 (although one of the links I was not aware of at all).

Louise Brooks (I) was in Who’s Who in the Zoo (1931) with Billy Barty
Billy Barty was in Harum Scarum (1965) with Suzanne Covington
Suzanne Covington was in Beauty Shop (2005) with Kevin Bacon 

Anyway, this past week Kevin Bacon used that game concept and applied it to giving to charity in association with the website Network for Good. They created a Charity Badge program. People who pick and donate to charities listed with Network for Good can post a graphic in support of their charity on their blog or website. The twist is that you can find a badge created by your favorite celebrity and post that one instead. : Be a celebrity for your cause

Here is mine: