Proof Senate Republicans are douchebags and hate America

Late last night Republicans in the US Senate killed a bill that would provide a bridge loan to US automakers to prevent their collapse. What did they want in exchange for their vote? They wanted the UAW to make concessions on wages so that they make as much as workers in non-union foreign car plants that happened to be in the states many of the douchebags represent. How convenient.

Why do the Republicans hate America?

If the automakers fail next comes the suppliers then the suppliers of the suppliers and after any business dependant on car makers for their lively hood. You will see millions put out of work just so GOP douchebags can break a union.


What ticks me off more is the GOP douchebags never demanded wage concessions from Wall Street when they voted to give it $700 Billion. 

Here is a list of Senators who voted for the Wall Street plan but voted against the automaker plan:

Bob Bennett, R-UT
Richard Burr, R-NC
Saxby Chambliss, R-GA
Tom Coburn, R-OK
Norm Coleman, R-MN
Bob Corker, R-TN
John Ensign, R-NV
Chuck Grassley, R-IA
Judd Gregg, R-NH
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-TX
Johnny Isakson, R-GA
John Kyl, R-AZ
Mel Martinez, R-FL
John McCain, R-AZ
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
Lisa Murkowski, R-AK
John Thune, R-SD

Also note that Corker and McConnell have foreign owned car plants in their state so we know why they want to kill US automakers.

Job killing douchebags, every last one of them.

*Update* The douchebags even wrote out their plans to bust the union in a freaking memo!!!!

3 Replies to “Proof Senate Republicans are douchebags and hate America”

  1. Interesting that there's a Honda assembly plant in Ohio but neither of our senators voted against the bailout.

    I'm also wondering why you didn't list the democrats who voted against the bailout?

    Or, those who didn't vote at all?

    That would have been enough to pass the bailout.

    I guess they're douchebags & hate America too.

    I guess 61% of Americans are douchebags & hate America too as they oppose the auto bailout also.

  2. We have more US car plants in Ohio than foreign owned ones for one thing. The list I posted were R's who voted for the Wall Street bailout but NOT the automaker bail out and looking at the roll call link you gave only 4 Dems voted against the auto bailout – as Bush would say "So, what…" and yes those four are douchebags including Harry Reid the majority leader who voted against the bailout.

    A majority of the people don't like gay marriage or atheists so a poll like that doesn't mean much. I'm sure they would complain with millions put out of work if nothing is done. 

  3. Doug,

    You are a man for all seasons. You are absolutely right about the scum bag Republicans. They controlled the congress and the white house for 6 of the last 8 years and we are in the worst place we have ever been in as a nation. Our economy is in ruins, we have provoked the development of terrorism through our Governments actions, our people are demoralized, we are regarded as perpetrators of greed violence and immoral conduct throughout the world. (The republicans like to point out that Africa still likes us. That's only because Cheney couldn't find a way to make a buck off of them) 

    It's time for the republican scum bags to get out of the way and let people who actually have morals lead. 

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