Dangerous Right Wing Douchebags

After hearing about another right winger loon killing people in the name of “Amerirka”, I decided to put together an all star list of right wing pundits who don’t care what they say, don’t take responsibility for their words, and just hate America and what it stands for. Feel free to print out my poster and post around your community to warn them of these chowder heads because they help victimize everyone.

I really wish these people would be victims of the economic melt down.

3 Replies to “Dangerous Right Wing Douchebags”

  1. Are you going to rant about the left-wing douchebag who killed an Army recruiter in Arkansas?


    It's liberating using the word douchebag without fear of retribution. 🙂 

  2. You really don't want to look at the "score card" do you? The right wing wins that one hands down.

    And who encouraged the guy to shoot the recruiter? It wasn't anyone on US TV

  3. Oh and the whole time Chimpy McBush was in office I didn't hear any left side pundit calling for sedition or violence to take back "Amerika".

    All the energy was focused on the ballot box and democracy to change things.

    That's the difference. 

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