And this is progress?

Back in September, we were hit with the remnants of Hurricane Ike mixing with a strong cold front. 75 mile per hour winds basically knocked out power to most people in the city and county. I was without power for 3 days and many others were out for up to a week after the storm. The electric company brought in hundreds of crews. I mention this because it seems 30 years ago the electric company was faster in restoring service after a bad storm.

My Grandmother gave me a book she had about the Blizzard of 1978 that pummeled our area that year. It was self published and contained personal stories from people who went through the storm then.

What was interesting was that the power went out at the beginning of the blizzard, and like for us, most of the stories noted that some power was restored the next day or two later. The two day outage also applied to people out in “the sticks” of the county. Crews would go down county roads with a snow plow to gain access to the power lines and repair them.