Man who shot dogs is fired from his job

Back on July 12th I had a blog post stating that a Columbus Firefighter shouldn’t lose his job because he had shot his dogs so he wouldn’t have to pay for boarding them while on vacation. My point was that the crime really had nothing to do with his job and was just another way people seem to want to draw and quarter anyone who does something they find abhorrent. Today it was announced the man was fired but shooting his dogs wasn’t the only reason for the termination.

It seems the idiot sent text messages about the incident and in one message seemed to threaten a police officer:

[Mitchell] Brown said that a major factor behind his decision was that investigators found text messages that were sent from Santuomo’s phone that detailed killing the dogs, including shooting one of them eight times before it died.

[David] Santuomo also had suspicions that a female Columbus police officer tipped off humane society agents, Kocot reported.

One of the text messages allegedly threatened the officer, Kocot reported.

“(You) realize (sic.) that there is a funeral in (Columbus Police department’s) future,” a text message read.

Fired Firefighter Allegedly Threatened Police

In another message he texted that he had done 3 stupid things – shooting the dogs, telling people about it, and not burying the dogs in the ground.

Add a fourth stupid thing – threatening the police.