Health Care Reform meeting in DC one long infomercial

I watched some of the Health Care Reform meeting held on Thursday February 25th at Blair House in Washington DC. President Obama is trying to move the processes along so something is passed before the November elections. It was also clear that really the Republicans have no intention of voting for the reform.

The Republican’s position was to start over and use all our ideas.

Sounds just like those lawyers from insurance companies that try to deny or delay claims so that people will just give up.

My views on this subject are well known – just search on the tags – so I don’t have much to say about the meeting. One thing I will point out is that CNN decided that their non-elected talking heads were more important than hearing was actually being said in the meeting. The media also decided to make it a game and decide who “won”. What a waste of air.

That’s why I stuck to the live feed from C-SPAN.