Tiger’s victims – really??

There has been whacked out part of the whole Tiger Woods and now the Jesse James adultery stories that just drives me crazy. It seems the mistress’ claim they are victims in the affairs and in Wood’s case some of the women did interviews and cried about being betrayed by the men they slept with and had an affair. Hogwash, the only real victim are the women the men are married to.

This Huffington Post article is an example of the ridiculous celebrity crap we see in the news today:

Joslyn James, the busty porn star who says she was twice impregnated by Tiger Woods, spoke out Monday afternoon following the golfer’s first live press conference since his massive sex scandal was paraded before the public.

The adult actress and attorney Gloria Allred, who has also represented a host of other prominent women, criticized Woods for not apologizing to his former lovers. “He said that he’s being more respectful to the fans, and that’s good; but how about being more respectful top the women that he’s hurt,” Allred said.

Joslyn James: I Want To Talk To Tiger Woods’ Wife

Joslyn James and the other women involved with Tiger or Jesse James are utter morons.

They have to be not to know that the men were married and sleeping with them was not a good thing to do. To claim to be betrayed or a victim just shows the women’s own stupidity.

If either man promised anything to these women then the women share in the lies and went into these affairs knowing that the men are liars and so they deserve nothing – no apologies nothing. If anything they should apologize to the wives for enabling their husband’s cheating and keeping it a secret.