What is it exactly the government is suppose to do about the oil spill?

It seems voices are getting louder that want the US government to do more to solve the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The question I ask is what can it do that isn’t being done by BP now?

Suffice to say that if BP knew what it was doing, it wouldn’t be soliciting help from the public. Suffice to say that if the Coast Guard knew what it was doing, it wouldn’t be deferring to BP. Suffice to say that local officials are literally grasping at sand. In other words, no one knows how to solve this. No one anticipated. It’s all guesswork. A month after the well blew.

Just Asking

I understand the anger and frustration but too many people want to blame someone rather focusing on solving the problem first. Who cares if the government hasn’t pushed BP aside and taken over – from my POV I don’t see what it can do differently to a gusher a mile under the water.

I do know that once the gusher is plugged then BP needs to be held accountable for the disaster – they need to be charged the whole cost of the clean up and lost business of those who live on the shore.