Kasich plays loose with the facts in latest campaign ad

John Kasich, the cheap labor conservative candidate for Ohio Governor has issued another television ad. Like previous ones, the Kasich campaign plays loose with the facts.

Kasich’s statement that Ohio is “one of the highest taxed states in the country” is debatable and depends on whose measurement is used. Supporting documents with the ad cite the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation, which Strickland and others reject as unreliable. They prefer analyses by the Federation of Tax Administration using U.S. census data that ranks Ohio much better.

A number of business leaders, including from the Ohio Manufacturers Association and the Ohio Economic Development Association, say that Ohio’s business climate has improved and is more competitive with other states since 2005. That’s when legislation was enacted to cut the state income tax by 21 percent (it’s been reduced 16.8 percent so far) and eliminate the state’s tax on business machinery, equipment and inventory.

Ad watch: ‘A New Way,’ from the Kasich campaign

John Kasich for Governor of Ohio Television Ad: “New Way”

Some people might complain that I haven’t looked at any Strickland ads and they would be right because there hasn’t been any yet. Kasich has been running his ads as well as ads from the GOP in heavy rotation here in Columbus especially during the news broadcasts.