First Saturday of College Football – Go Bucks!

Finally the college football season is here. As a treat I present a video clip of the best tradition of them all – the ramp entrance by the Ohio State University Marching Band in Ohio Stadium in Columbus.

Ohio State Marching Band Ramp Entrance (2009)

This reminded me of my three years living in Lincoln Tower which is next to the stadium. Here is a conversation between me and my roommate as it might have happened back in the day:(well except for the team playing it did happen at least a few times… lol)

Come on get up the game’s at noon. Noon?? Who scheduled it for noon? If we miss the band entrance then why go? Who are they playing? Akron. Akron? Akron has a team? I have such a hang over. Where are my pants? Just throw on some sweats and a hat and let’s go. I think I’m still drunk. Luckily we live in Lincoln so we can get to the stadium quickly.

One of the local sports talking heads was demanding Ohio State score 40 points today against Akron. I will be happy for a win no matter what the point difference is – if it is one point or 40 I don’t care. A “W” is the point.

I was surprised the game will be on ESPN since the channel hates Ohio State – but not the money the game generates.

So good luck to Coach Luke Fickell and the 2011 OSU Buckeyes.