Hurry Up, Or You’ll Miss The Herman Cain Bandwagon?

One of my conservative friends is on the Herman Cain bandwagon. He posts articles focused on Cain and has said that Cain should be the next President. Of course he ignores his own complaints about Obama in 2008 being unqualified for office and making some comments about Obama’s race. Republicans like my friend SAY they like Cain but they won’t put him up for nomination and part of it is Cain’s policies. By primary time his bandwagon will be in the ditch just like Sarah Palin’s.

Unfortunately, national security has become far too politicized with our elected officials using the issue as a means to polarize our country as the “war hawks” and the “peace doves.” In response, the safety and morale of our brave men and women in uniform are often at risk for political gain. The judgment of our military experts on the ground is often underutilized in exchange for political purposes. National security isn’t about politics. It’s about defending America.

Strengthen Our National Security

Like all the current crop of Republican presidential wannabes, Cain has no idea what National Security means. Ten years of war should be proof enough that might doesn’t make right. Thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t improve our National Security. All of the attempted terrorism plots were stopped by standard police work as it should be. The wars in the Middle East have actually made things more dangerous for us by giving terrorists and their friends – like the Taliban – a great public relations campaign for new members.

The massive debt caused by liberal policies will be passed onto our children and grandchildren if we do not stop it. They will be stuck with the tab for the government takeover of health care, industry bailouts and failed stimulus packages. They will be the ones approached with outstretched palms by the Chinese to pay back the billions upon billions we owe them. Each generation of Americans should seek to leave behind a better and more prosperous nation for the next, not saddle them with debt from reckless spending.

Reduce Government Spending

The massive debt wasn’t caused by liberal policies unless the administration of George W Bush was liberal. The Bush Tax Cuts and the Medicare Prescription program as well as the two wars we are in are the largest contributor to the deficit. How can we elect someone who doesn’t even know where the deficit came from?

The majority of Americans agree: it’s time to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered, free market reforms. It’s time to institute legitimate tort reforms that let doctors practice medicine without fear of frivolous lawsuits. Loser pay laws would be a great start! That is, require those who lose frivolous lawsuits to pay the legal expenses of those found not guilty. Additionally, loosening the restrictions on Health Savings Accounts would help to empower Americans to save and invest their own money to expand their options for health care.

Repeal and Replace Health Care “Deform”

Herman Cain also doesn’t know how the health care system works. Also a majority of people may not like parts of the reform act like the individual mandate but a majority of people want to either keep the current law or expand it. In one poll only 21% wanted to repeal the law. Let me state this again, a MAJORITY don’t want to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Then there was this article on 9/29 in ThinkProgress:

Despite Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) belief that nearly the entire 20th Century violates the Constitution, much of the GOP have declared him an apostate for vigorously defending a bill he signed giving undocumented immigrant students in Texas the ability to pay in-state tuition to state universities. The latest Republican to jump on this bandwagon is Perry’s presidential rival Herman Cain, who told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday that he could not support Perry in large part because of Perry’s somewhat moderate stance on immigration…

Cain’s suggestion that immigration law enforcement should simply be turned over to the states is just another example of his naive understanding of both foreign policy and the Constitution.

As the Supreme Court established almost 70 years ago, the states have very little business weighing into immigration policy because “[e]xperience has shown that international controversies of the gravest moment, sometimes even leading to war, may arise from real or imagined wrongs to another’s subjects inflicted, or permitted, by a government.” If a single state mangles an immigration prosecution, for example, or directs disparate resources against the citizens of one nationality, it will impact the foreign relations of the entire United States — potentially even thrusting America into a needless war. The Constitution leaves these kinds of decisions up to a leader who has actually been elected by the whole nation, and not to the governor of just one state.

Herman Cain ‘Could Not Support Rick Perry’ Because He Is Insufficiently Cruel To Immigrants

I get a chuckle in a sad way watching cheap labor Republicans falling over themselves to support Herman Cain even when he has two major issues conservatives used against President Obama in 2008 – Cain is not white and has no government experience. His policy ideas show how much he doesn’t know, yet these conservatives brush that off or feint ignorance of their complaints back in 2008.

Besides even some Tea Party Republicans don’t like Cain. The marks against him from their side is he supported the TARP bailouts, endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008, and opposes an audit of the Federal Reserve.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of the primaries, when it really counts, the Cain bandwagon will be in a ditch and he’ll be the only one on it.