FOX Lies About Occupy Protests

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On FOX “news” Sunday, the panel decided that the Occupy movement was un-American and maybe even Marxist but during the Tea Party protests FOX “news” fell over itself to promote them. There is no difference between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party protests – in that they both were an exercise of their right to protest for what they believe in. To say one is “un-American” and the other isn’t betrays FOX’s bias toward the 1%.

This morning on Fox News Sunday, conservative panelists did their best to smear and discredit the 99 Percent Movement. Pundit Bill Kristol called the protests “un-American” and “fundamentally undemocratic,” despite the fact that recent polls show that they are supported by a majority of Americans. Kristol even complained that the world “occupy” was itself Marxist.

Fox anchor Brit Hume called Democrats’ support of the movement “toxic” to centrist voters who decide elections…

Fox Panel Bashes OWS As ‘Toxic,’ ‘Marxist,’ ‘Anti-Democratic And Un-American’

But during the Tea Party protests in 2009 FOX “news” did the following:

After displaying tea party t-shirts, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson suggested that to show support for the protests, “You could hang [a teabag] from your mirror, too, like fuzzy dice.”

On America’s Newsroom, co-host Megyn Kelly announced that “you can join the tea party action from your home if you go to … a virtual tax day tea party.”

On Happening Now, Willard asked, “Guys, when are we going to wake up and start fighting the fascism that seems to be permeating this country?”

On Fox Business, Willard asked a child: “Are you worried about me stealing your money, dude?” He also asserted that conservatives and liberals are “both fascists who are taking all of my money and building up corporate America with my welfare.”

On Happening Now, Fox News’ John Gibson expressed “hope[]” that “millions of people” would participate in the protests.

Also on Happening Now, correspondent Jamie Colby stated: “We’re live on ‘Taxed Enough Already’ — or tea party — day.

Fox Business’ David Asman told viewers they “need to go” to a tea party merchandise site “no matter what side of the issue you’re on.”

Additionally, as blogger Jed Lewison noted in a Daily Kos post, reporting on the Fox Business Channel, Cavuto stated of the Sacramento tea party: “They were expecting 5,000 here, it’s got to be easily double, if not triple that.” However, moments earlier, before Cavuto went on the air, a microphone caught Cavuto stating to a producer “There’s gotta be 5,000” — not “double, if not triple” that number.

Fox News’ tea party coverage makes mockery of claim that network provides “straight … news” in daytime

Here is an image of the Occupy and Tea Party protests:

image of Occupy and Tea Party protest

I don’t see which one is great and should be promoted and the other is “un-American” and/or “Marxist”.

FOX “news” (and most of the regular news media) are the ones fomenting class warfare by favoring the corporate elite over the people who pay the bills.

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  1. I agree Doug, Fox news has an agenda to destroy America by splitting this country into Red/Blue states US/Them,no gray area they're antagonistic approach of misinformation ,and out right lying to promote the conservative cause,and incite class warfare has only one goal,and that is the fall of These United States of America.The American people" OUT OF MANY ONE". that is when as a nation; we are the greatest. 

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