Weed Should Be Illegal Because It Is So Easy To Obtain

color picture of marijuana

An Ohio legislator has decided that it is time to legalize marijuana in the state. Of course some are opposed. In a TV interview, an undercover police officer made the false gateway drug argument and then claimed, without a sense of irony, that it is too easy to obtain marijuana. Yes, a 27 year veteran of the war on drugs basically said it has failed yet he doesn’t support legalization of marijuana.

“In law enforcement, I am totally against the legalization of weed. I am also totally against the medical use of weed,” said an undercover detective with the Franklin County Sheriff’s drug task force. 

“And they’re a heroin user…and when we interview them, we ask: ‘How did you get involved with heroin.’ And one of the first things they almost always say is, ‘Well I was high on weed one night,'” the detective said. “‘I let my guard down and I decided, yeah, I will go ahead and try heroin.'”

The detective says high school kids can get marijuana more readily than alcohol.

New Push to Legalize Pot in Ohio

Here is a clip from the video they showed on the news:

News Report on 04/25/2013 on WBNS 10tv Columbus

The cop has worked 27 years in the war on drugs and yet marijuana is easier to get than alcohol? How long do we have to fail before people give up?

Notice the relation to one of the NRA’s argument against background checks for guns. If people won’t stop growing, selling, and using weed then why have a law against it?

Drug use can be a problem just like too much alcohol can be a problem but marijuana isn’t heroin. Some of the social costs of marijuana is actually because it is illegal.

As one of the people in the full report states Ohio will miss out on making money on legal weed while states like Michigan will get our money. Ironic that is the same argument used to support casinos in Ohio.