After Hobby Lobby Decision Religion Can Get Between You And Your Doctor

image of a Hobby Lobby store
US Supreme Court said Hobby Lobby owners know more than your doctor

The conservative propaganda machine is trying like mad to minimize the Hobby Lobby court decision. One argument is that women can still get contraceptives, they just have to pay for it. I wish it was that simple. Kind of like the decision some elderly people have to make – either pay for their expensive medicine and eat cat food or die from untreated medical conditions. It’s a ‘Sophie’s Choice‘ and one where conservatives show they have no heart. The decision covers ALL forms of contraception and includes talking to your doctor about them.

One attempt at conservative spin is to claim that women still have access to birth control but they would have to pay for it themselves.

I worked for a pharmacy HMO for many years and we used that argument often when we had to deny coverage for a drug because the person wanting it didn’t follow the rules. It was a crock then as it is in the Hobby Lobby case.

Conservatives have no real idea how much contraceptives cost or think the best method is to simply pull out or use the rhythm method. They also refuse to acknowledge or flat out dismiss that some birth control can be used for non-family planning reasons.

MSNBC has an article that busts the access myth and more.

According to the brief from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “Lack of insurance coverage deters many women from choosing a high-cost contraceptive, even if that method is best for her health and lifestyle, and may result in her resorting to a method that places her more at risk for medical complications or improper or inconsistent use.”

Or how about Hobby Lobby only objects to four forms of contraception. Hobby Lobby also objected to even covering a doctor’s appoint to discuss contraception and on Tuesday, the Supreme Court clarified that Monday’s ruling did in fact cover all forms of contraception and included doctor consultations.

“Here’s a list of the 149 for-profit companies whose cases are already pending, including several that object to all forms of contraception. Now that the Supreme Court has sanctioned their standing to make those claims and classified the coverage requirement as a substantial burden, they only have to show the sincerity of their beliefs to win.”

Remember when conservatives blathered on about the government getting between you and your doctor during the debate over the ACA? I guess religion getting between you and your doctor is just fine.