How Does Dr. Brantly Know God Wanted Him Cured?

image of Dr. Kent Brantly discusses a case in Africa
Dr. Kent Brantly (left) discusses a case in Africa

Dr. Kent Brantly, one of two American aid workers stricken with Ebola, walked out of an Atlanta hospital Thursday. He did thank the medical staff for treating him but gave all the credit to God for his survival. How does Brantly know God wanted him cured?

Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly have been cured of the Ebola virus and released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

Brantly, 33, called his recovery “a miraculous day.”

“I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and reunited with my family,” he said.

He also told a news conference at Emory Hospital that “God saved my life.”

Both patients were given blood and urine tests to determine whether they still had the virus, Emory doctors said in a statement released this morning.

“After a rigorous course of treatment and testing we have determined…that (Brantly) has recovered from the Ebola virus disease and he can return to his family, to his community, and to his life without any public health concerns,” Dr. Bruce Ribner, director of Emory’s Infectious Disease Unit, said today.

Brantly said that when Writebol left the hospital on Tuesday, she asked him to speak on her behalf to the public and express gratitude for prayers on her behalf.

“When she walked out of the room, all she could say was ‘To God be the glory,'” Brantly recalled. “Nancy and (her husband) David are now spending some much needed time together.” 

“On Wednesday, July 23, I woke up feeling under the weather and then my life took an unexpected turn as I was diagnosed with Ebola. As I lay in my bed in Liberia for nine days, getting sicker each day, I prayed God would help be more faithful in even in my illness, and that in my illness or even death he would glorified,” Brantly said. 

Ebola Patient Dr. Kent Brantly Says ‘God Saved My Life’

Hundreds of medical workers, modern medical science, including an experimental serum, and some luck, led to Brantly being healthy enough to leave the hospital.

If he had died his family would have said something like “It was God’s plan…”

That is the problem I have with God and religion. If the supreme being is so supreme why is there so much death and disease? Why did “He” pick Brantly to survive while killing thousands in Africa?

How does Brantly know that God wanted him cured?

The answer is there is no God. Brantly survived through quick treatment and the modern medicine we have in the United States. Thousands in Africa died because they don’t have the resources we have here.

Brantly and Writebol aren’t any more special then the people who died or the children who died of the virus or lost parents because of it.

Anyone, even a supreme being, who is so capricious about who lives or dies is a sociopath. They aren’t someone we should give any credit to or admire.

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  1. There is God, and then there is everything that is not God. Outside God’s Grace, there are none righteous in His sight. The question should never be why does God spare some and not others. The question should always be why does God spare any.

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