Creepy Church Flyer Promises ‘Steamy and Sexy Message’ From The Bible

scan of back of Cedar Creek church flyer
Back of Cedar Creek church flyer

I received a flyer in the mail, from a new mega-church opening in my area. Normally I treat these flyers like most junk mail but this one from Cedar Creek Church promises if I come to their opening week services I will become a better lover by hearing a ‘Steamy and Sexy message’ from the Holy Bible. Just reading the flyer made me want to take a shower to get the creepiness off me.

Our First week at the new Findlay campus is going to be a hot one entitled “Passionate Love.” You are not going to want to miss this steamy and sexy message about what the Bible teaches us about this kind of love!

The next program is titled “Crazy Love”:

Loving others at levels that seem crazy. Don’t miss this service as we demonstrate that kind of love to our military heroes!

What does that even mean? ***shiver***

I guess when you have a church version of a fast food restaurant – Cedar Creek has several locations in the area – they need to do a lot to bring in the cash to support the larger size. Sex sells.

However, I get the sense the sermon will be as empty as free porn on the Internet.

scan of Steamy and sexy message on Cedar Creek Church flyer