Use Religious Freedom To Refuse To Do Business With Christians

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If Christians can claim religious freedom as cover for their bigotry then maybe those of us who oppose them can refuse to do business with Christians. I mean fair is fair and religious freedom should be a two way street. Christians claim their religion prevents them from doing business or treating LGBTQs then atheists and non-Christians should be free to refuse to do business with Christians.

Here is a graphic I drew up to help a business refuse to serve serve Christians:

created image of sign with words This Establishment will not serve Christians
Click on image for larger version

And don’t worry, religious freedom will protect you.

If you think my plan is wrong, feel free to tell me why in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Use Religious Freedom To Refuse To Do Business With Christians

  1. Ross Balmer

    It’s so delicious to imagine a fuming Christian bigot blowing steam outside an establishment when he sees the sign in the window, but I think it’s not fair on the non-bigoted Christians of which there are many. Yes, they still believe in irrational nonsense but I’m not sure they deserve to be ostracised for it

    1. Doug B.

      I’ve read the part in the Holy Bible that is against homosexuality and many Christians point that out to justify their religious freedom to be a bigot – so if a Christian doesn’t subscribe to that bit in their holy book then my question is why are they still a Christian? Maybe they should switch to a more inclusive religion like Unitarian Universalism, which doesn’t use the Holy Bible

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