Attorney General Mike DeWine Is Ohio Right To Life’s ‘Errand Boy’ In War On Women

image of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
I’m telling you I hate women – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

The Ohio GOP war on women continues as Attorney General Mike DeWine quickly does the bidding of Ohio Right to Life when Toledo’s last abortion clinic successfully complied with one of the state’s draconian anti-abortion laws. The forced birth crew is now trying to change the rules yet again.

After a yearlong battle between activists regarding the legality of Toledo’s last-standing abortion clinic, Lucas County Judge Myron Duhart ordered Friday that Capital Care Network’s doors stay open.

In the ruling, Duhart said that lawmakers “may regulate potential life, but the State must not go too far,” before asserting that the “state had exceeded its constitutional authority” in the Capital Care Network’s case.

“We obviously disagree with the judge’s decision,” Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said, adding he had yet to read the full ruling. “The law is crystal clear on what the requirements are.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said in a release that “Despite all the back-door deals, and shady maneuvering, (Gov.) John Kasich and (Attorney General) Mike DeWine have failed in their crusade to effectively outlaw abortion in Toledo.”

Dan Tierney, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office, told The Dispatch that the state plans to appeal the Lucas County court’s ruling.

In an earlier release on Friday, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio referred to DeWine as Ohio Right to Life’s “errand boy.”

DeWine filed papers Thursday with the Lucas County Common Pleas Court in an effort to speed up a ruling on whether the clinic would remain open.

Judge rules that Toledo abortion clinic can remain open

The rule that the Toledo clinic is accused of breaking is one of the new ways forced birth supporters like Ohio Right to Life have tried to outlaw abortion. Instead of passing laws that directly prohibit abortions, these new “regulations” are rules clinics must abide by or they have to close.

See, with no clinics there can be no abortions and a woman can still “choose” – or so the forced birth people want us to believe.

One of the new rules was to require abortion clinics to have transfer agreements with a full service hospital. In case anything went wrong, the woman would be sent to the hospital for more treatment. The number of issues that come up in a clinic in reality are so small that the medical community doesn’t really worry about it. But the rule is the rule.

Well in order to be more of a dick, the Ohio GOP dominated legislature inserted another rule into the budget, in 2013, that prohibited public hospitals from agreeing to transfer agreements with abortion clinics.

In Ohio, most private hospitals are owned by the Catholic church which doesn’t allow abortions to be performed and private hospitals aren’t required to take poor or low income patients who are the ones who are in most need of an abortion clinic.

Basically the clinics are in a catch-22 which is exactly what the forced birth crowd wants.

The Toledo Clinic got an agreement with a hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan which is 50 miles away. The GOP, pissed off about the end around, tried to insert a new rule in the upcoming budget that would limit transfer agreements to 30 miles. (Don’t even get me started on them using the budget to impose these new rules since people can’t use the petition process to overturn the budget.)

Now that the court ruled for the clinic and the state is appealing, look for the GOP to put the new rule back in the budget.


Because the GOP, and Mike DeWine, hates women.