Tribute to my old Junior High

My hometown is building two new middle school buildings to replace the two current ones that were built in 1923. It is time for new buildings and has taken probably 10 or 15 years to finally get it started. However one casualty in the process is the school board is retiring the mascots in the name of district unity. Here is my tribute to the Glenwood Junior High Eagles.

Here is a short video of the Glenwood fight song which happens to go to the tune of the Northwestern University fight song. I recreated the lyrics from memory – yes I still remember them some 28 years later – so any errors are mine. Enjoy!

Glenwood Middle School Fight Song

Weekend Ear Candy – In the air tonight – Phil Collins

It’s late one summer evening and I’m lying in a lean-to tent during a camp out weekend with my Scout troop back in 1982 I think. I am alone in the tent since I was so “popular” every one wanted to bunk with me. My only real friend was my small transistor radio. And a storm was moving toward the camp.

The sky flashed with lightening and low rumbles of thunder shook the ground as the storm drew closer.

I HATED thunderstorms so I turned on the radio and laid it on my ear to muffle the storm. “In the air tonight” came on and at just the time it seemed to sync with the storm noise and actually made it more enjoyable – it added a freaky twist to the song and the storm. Now when I hear the song it transfers back to that time and place.

In the air tonight – Phil Collins