Fantastic Night in Cleveland with The Corrs

On Saturday August 21, I had the opportunity to see, live and in person, my favorite band The Corrs at the Tower City Ampitheater in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a great night, one that went by far too fast.

I wrote a long account of the evening for my Corrs tribute page and I also shared some not so great pictures I took that night with my new digital camera.

Fantastic Night in Cleveland

Photos from The Corrs Cleveland show

My little tribute to The Corrs

A Look At the Uber Fan

Music, like all forms of art, allows us to express ourselves to others. Music can convey the full rage of human emotions. Music we love is any that touches us in whatever way we are feeling or want to feel.

It is a given that not all of us feel the same way or enjoy music in the same way.

Some of us love lyrics. We are thrilled by the combination or words and stanzas drawing pictures in our heads like poetry can if done well.

Some of us, like myself, love the music itself. We like the use of instruments and voices into a compact container of sound. I love music with strings, horns, and good percussion.

I can’t fathom how anyone could enjoy rap music yet my family shakes their heads at my fondness for female rock singers.

The joy of music is finding that song or album that ripples through your entire being and it seems when we do we have a mission to spread that music to every corner of our world.

Rest of the article is on Doug World!

The Corrs, Please come to Columbus

The Corrs, Please come to Columbus, Ohio on your next tour

It is no secret that I am the biggest Corrs fan in Columbus. The band is busy working on their fourth studio album with a rumored release of fall 2003.

That could mean a tour in 2004 – well being they are the hardest working band on any Warner label they will have a tour in support of the album.

I am officially begging the band and their “people” to put my city Columbus, Ohio on their tour schedule when they get to the states (and I hope they get to the states for a good long tour).


1. There is a suburb named Dublin.

2. We have several venues – inside and outside – that can accommodate your show.

3. 600,000 potential concert goers in the Greater Columbus metro area.

4. We’re better than Cleveland and Cincinnati combined

5. We buy a lot of records.

So please add Columbus to your next tour.

City of Columbus, Ohio Homepage

Some Venues:

Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center

Nationwide Arena

The PromoWest Pavilion

Germain Amphitheater

My Tribute to The Corrs

The Corrs Official Website