Small site change

Back in February I started a forum project focusing on the 1970’s and 1980’s. It was called Our Generation.

Today I announce the end of that forum.

Simply no one visited or contributed.

That’s the Internet I guess.

New blog about the Secular Left

Once again, proving I have no active social life, I have spent my holiday weekend creating another project where I can rant.

It all started when someone posted an article about a term called “Secular Left” that conservatives and the religious right are now using in their name calling program for those who disagree with them.

In the article called Sticks and Stones and the “Secular Left”, author David Benjamin comments about the first time he heard the term while watching “Meet the Press” on May 8th. Conservative talking head Mary Matalin used the term in describing the opposition during the manufactured filibuster crises over Bush’s judicial nominees.

Benjamin wrote:

“Civil liberties,” a term that embraces such basic American prerogatives as privacy, consumer rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and, yes, freedom of religion, are seen today as the purchased privileges of a “liberal elite.” This distortion is the linguistic legacy of the same American right wing that now cubbyholes its foes as the “secular Left,” and seems happy to gather at the river under the big (revival) tent of the religious Right.

“Secular Left.” Yeah, maybe it’s just a couple of words. But it’s coming from the people who today, in American politics, get to make up all the words, and then make everybody else repeat them endlessly, like “Hallelujah,” and “Praise the Lord.” And the only opposition is a tongue-tied cluster of Democrat/ liberal/ progressives whose only articulate utterance in the political and semantic struggle of the last decade has been a strangled bleat that sounds a lot like “Uncle!”

I agree with him and I decided to do something about it.

Using a portion of my meager salary I purchased the domain and put up a blog to defend not only secular humanists, and atheists, but also anyone with a secular bent who disagrees with the conservatives and their buddies the religious right on matters of church vs. state.

Opening today will be a counterpoint to the shrill sounds of the right. I intend to expose the lies and myths they express about those who choose the secular path and I don’t plan to be nice about it.

Today’s entry deals with the ruling the US Supreme court made today regarding religious practices in prison.

Feel free to stop by for a visit.

Secular Left

Want to revisit the past?

Have I got a deal for you.

Since I have no social life, I had time to put together and open a message board dedicated to the 1970’s and 1980’s culture.

Yes, my friends, if you miss the gas crunch, President Reagan, disco, Rubik’s Cube, bell bottoms, The Cure, YES, or the host of movies and TV shows from the 70’s and 80’s then Our Generationis for you.

Some people don’t want to relive the past and that’s ok, but haven’t you once wondered “Whatever happened to Rodney Allen Rippy?”

Did you want to know why leg warmers and sweat bands were popular in the 1980’s? Or why the 3 Mile Island melt down was so scary?

Our Generation is for those us who came of age or who can’t remember the 1970’s and 1980’s.

It is our past, it is our generation.

Ok, I finally got a real picture for my Blog. Now Leave me alone.

After intense public and private pressure, I broke out the digital camera and snapped a real photo of myself for this blog.

The tipping point was the nasty article on Page Six of the New York Post that took me to task for the lame stick figure of a block of cheese to represent me. They thought the icon of blogging needed a better icon.

My friend Swiss Cheese was not happy to be given the boot. He told me, as he was leaving, that since being the “icon” of my blog he has had to beat the fans off with a stick. He also claims he had an easy time with the ladies.

I don’t believe him. He hasn’t had “an easy time with the ladies” since high school. That was before he was befriended by a block of Limburger. He is still working on ridding himself of that stank.

Meanwhile, I also thought of using the following picture as my head shot:

Then I thought some would not take it for the humor intended – like the FBI.