Governor Kasich Lied About His View On Abortion Restrictions In 2013 Budget Bill


Back in 2013, when the Ohio legislature was considering a budget bill that contained some onerous abortion restrictions, reproductive rights advocates urged supporters to ask the Governor to line-item veto the restrictions. At the time he seemed he hadn’t decided what he would do but in the end he let the restrictions stand. Administration emails, recently obtained by the AP, show the Governor’s staff helped write the restrictions. The Governor lied about being neutral.

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No, Margaret Sanger Didn’t Want To Exterminate African-Americans

image of two Margaret Sanger quote memes that are wrong
Two out of context Margaret Sanger quotes that mislead readers

One tactic that forced birth conservatives use to argue against abortion is an old refuted argument that Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood, was a racist. They use a quote out of context from a 1930s letter she wrote advocating for birth control clinics for the African-American community in the South and a quote that intentionally puts a negative light on her support of the now discredited Eugenics movement. The goal of the memes isn’t to educate about Margaret Sanger but to smear her.

The two quotes I’ve seen posted on Facebook by conservative friends of mine can be seen in the image to the right of this post. 

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#BlackLivesMatter Should Be An Equal Opportunity Disruption

Bernie Sanders gets a earful from a protester in Seattle

For the 2nd time, A Bernie Sanders rally was shut down by activists of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This time it was a rally in the supposed progressive city of Seattle. Once again the BLM people made a statement that does need to be said but I sure would like to see them shut down Republican rallies or even Hillary Clinton rallies. If they want national attention then they should be an equal opportunity disruption.

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You Don’t Want Governor Kaisch Doing To The US What He Did To Ohio

photo of Governor Kaisch yelling as usual

Ohio Governor John Kaisch announced he was running for president this week. He likes to claim his policies brought Ohio back from the brink after the recession that started in 2008. The facts say different but he is the perfect GOP candidate because his policies in Ohio have attacked things Republicans like to attack – poor people, women, LBGTQs, schools, unions, and the environment. So, no, you don’t want Governor Kaisch doing to the US what he did to Ohio.

One irrational Kaischism is to talk about cutting taxes and how great Ohio is now because of low taxes. What he fails to say is yes state taxes were cut from local government funds and public schools forcing local governments to ask for higher taxes to pay for police, fire, and the schools. Kasich likes to pass the buck.

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