Pundit Reaction To Zimmerman Verdict Proves Again White People Hate To Be Called Racists

image of Trayvon Martin

The reactions to the George Zimmerman murder trial were a bit predictable. African-Americans generally hated the acquittal and whites in general approved of the verdict. The reason is obvious, even in 2013 we have issues with race in this country. We also see that in the rush of some white conservative pundits who say it is racist to complain about racism or they wonder aloud why African-Americans don’t freak out about black on white violence. These pundits hate being called racist and will go to outlandish extremes to keep from having to deal with the real issue of race in this country.

Classic reactions from white conservative pundits came after President Obama made some remarks and offered some personal experiences about being black in America:

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Do Republicans Have A Drinking Problem?

image of Truthful GOP logo

I wonder if the recent shocking statements by Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri and locally Doug Preisse, chairman of the Republican Party in Franklin County, where I live might mean that Republicans have a problem with alcohol. People who have a drinking problem tend to have no inhibition and will say what is really on their mind even if a sober person would check up because they know it would sound crazy to say that stuff out loud. It makes me wonder.

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