Can You Be Anti-War When Chemical Weapons Are Being Used?

photo of Bashar al-Assad, dictator of Syria
Bashar al-Assad, dictator of Syria

I hate war. My father was killed in Vietnam. But I’m not totally anti-war all the time. Sometimes military action is called for. I supported military action in Kosovo back in the 1990’s to try and stop the religious genocide going on there at the time. I also supported the invasion of Afghanistan because they gave shelter to the people who planned and paid for the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The coming military strike on Syria is really a tough decision. Do we really want to stand by and watch the Syrian government use chemical weapons on their own people?

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Memorial Day: Their Sacrifice Must Not Be In Vain

image of US Flag at Half-staff

As we celebrate Memorial Day in the US and it is an election year, we need to be reminded that the people who died in service of this country must not have died in vain. No matter your political party, we must work harder not to have more of our young people buried in military cemeteries. This post is my plea for us to work together to stop all war – both current and future.

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Why Glenn Greenwald Is Wrong?

image of Glenn Greenwald

Today in my twitter stream was someone ranting about Glenn Greenwald and Katrina vanden Heuvel writing nice things about Ron Paul. In fact the person said both were RWNJs for supporting Paul. Of course the tweeter was wrong. Neither was supporting Paul only pointing out the ideas that Paul has that liberals usually support. I agree with most of what Greenwald writes but when talking about Ron Paul I disagree with his unstated conclusion.

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