Justice Samuel Alito Believes Only Religious People Are Moral

image of Smug Justice Samuel Alito
A Smug Justice Samuel Alito

Justice Samuel Alito spent 15 pages to dissent against a US Supreme Court decision NOT to hear a case over birth control and pharmacies. In his waste of ‘ink’, he claims that only religious people are ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’.

The US Supreme Court decided NOT to hear a case from Washington state where a pharmacist wanted a religious exemption to a state law that required all pharmacists to dispense all lawfully prescribed medications or if they have moral or ethical objections they have to refer the patient to another pharmacist in the same store. The medications that prompted the lawsuit was birth control. The decision not to hear the case let stand a lower court ruling against the people who wanted the religious exemption.

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No, Margaret Sanger Didn’t Want To Exterminate African-Americans

image of two Margaret Sanger quote memes that are wrong
Two out of context Margaret Sanger quotes that mislead readers

One tactic that forced birth conservatives use to argue against abortion is an old refuted argument that Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood, was a racist. They use a quote out of context from a 1930s letter she wrote advocating for birth control clinics for the African-American community in the South and a quote that intentionally puts a negative light on her support of the now discredited Eugenics movement. The goal of the memes isn’t to educate about Margaret Sanger but to smear her.

The two quotes I’ve seen posted on Facebook by conservative friends of mine can be seen in the image to the right of this post. 

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After Hobby Lobby Decision Religion Can Get Between You And Your Doctor

image of a Hobby Lobby store
US Supreme Court said Hobby Lobby owners know more than your doctor

The conservative propaganda machine is trying like mad to minimize the Hobby Lobby court decision. One argument is that women can still get contraceptives, they just have to pay for it. I wish it was that simple. Kind of like the decision some elderly people have to make – either pay for their expensive medicine and eat cat food or die from untreated medical conditions. It’s a ‘Sophie’s Choice‘ and one where conservatives show they have no heart. The decision covers ALL forms of contraception and includes talking to your doctor about them.

One attempt at conservative spin is to claim that women still have access to birth control but they would have to pay for it themselves.

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Gov. Kasich And Anti-Women Ohio Republicans Have Lost The Next Election

Ohio Gov. Kasich celebrating a victory against women

On Sunday June 30th, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a state budget that included one of the most restrictive abortion regulations enacted by a state so far. This cheap attack on women’s right to choose was inserted at the last minute, with no debate or public input, and rammed through the Republican controlled legislature. The new law not only redefines pregnancy to include any fertilized egg but also says using birth control pills is an abortion. If Kasich and his Republicans get any votes from women in 2014, I will have to consider moving out of the state. I really hate bigots and I really hate stupid people and any woman who would vote for people who took away their rights would be very stupid.

The new abortion restrictions are worse than the Heartbeat Bill I wrote about before because it defines pregnancy to include any fertilized egg:

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