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Boy Scout’s Anti-LGBT Policy Drips With Religious Right Bigotry Code Words

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logo of the Boy Scouts of AmericaOn June 7th the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) reaffirmed their policy to deny membership to LGBT people. There was a chance they would reconsider but the consensus of a secret committee decided it was “absolutely the best policy” for the organization. Once again religious right bigotry trumps the actual American values that the BSA claims it is teaching to the boys.
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From my film vault

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I was doing some spring cleaning this weekend. One box had a VHS tape that had a video transfer of a couple of old Super 8 movies I did more than 20 years ago. One I did for fun in 1983 and the other was my final project for a film production class I had in college back in 1990. I replaced the titled cards, sprinkled in some sound effects, added some royalty free music, and uploaded them to my YouTube Channel.

The video transfers are bad. It looks like the place where I had it done just pointed a video camera at a screen while they projected the movie so there is a lot of jitter and the title cards are pretty much unreadable. The picture quality is also poor.

I was able to fix some not so great editing I did on the 2nd the film. If I remember I was crushed for time so I did the edits quickly without making sure the pacing was right so one scene would run too long before a cut to another where the actor was standing around before I said action. Editing it digitally helped tighten those edits so the pacing looks better today.

The Pepsi Chaser (1983)

The Guide (1990)

Weekend Ear Candy – In the air tonight – Phil Collins

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It’s late one summer evening and I’m lying in a lean-to tent during a camp out weekend with my Scout troop back in 1982 I think. I am alone in the tent since I was so “popular” every one wanted to bunk with me. My only real friend was my small transistor radio. And a storm was moving toward the camp.

The sky flashed with lightening and low rumbles of thunder shook the ground as the storm drew closer.

I HATED thunderstorms so I turned on the radio and laid it on my ear to muffle the storm. “In the air tonight” came on and at just the time it seemed to sync with the storm noise and actually made it more enjoyable – it added a freaky twist to the song and the storm. Now when I hear the song it transfers back to that time and place.

In the air tonight – Phil Collins