Politicians should stop sucking Corporate nards

John Harwood of NBC gave a quote from anonymous White House source that was disparaging toward progressive bloggers. Those bloggers have been giving the current administration heat for some of their actions and policies that were opposite of what was promised during the 2008 campaign. My response to that quote is in the title of this post.

Progressive bloggers were in an uproar Sunday night after a White House “adviser,” speaking on condition of anonymity, urged them to “take off their pajamas” and get serious about politics.

NBC White House correspondent John Harwood relayed the quote during a segment he shot for Nightly News following a massive gay rights rally in Washington.

Bloggers Furious At White House For Anonymous Ridicule

A milestone: 1024×768

I am not an early technology adopter. The reason I am slow to adapt is sometimes due to cost and laziness. If something is working fine for me why change.

Usually it takes force to make me change. I didn’t get Windows XP until there was little to no software for Windows 98 and some software either stopped including Windows 98 or couldn’t.

I didn’t get a cell phone until I had to get one for work purposes. My job had me at different sites without access to a landline. Although I am not dependent on my cell phone, I have one.

This week I finally was forced to change the screen resolution on my monitor from 800×600 to 1024×768. The change has been creeping up to me for some time. Many websites and some programs I use are only usable at a higher resolutions. It does become a chore to scroll the screen or not being able to access a button on a program that is hidden below the edge of my screen.

I am going to miss 800×600. Everything looks so small now with the higher resolution and it seems to be missing some detail. It is probably my monitor because I use higher resolutions at work and on my laptop and it doesn’t look bad.

Oh well life is full of changes, I guess.

Goodbye Sports Arena

The Toledo Blade had an article today giving an obituary for the Sports Arena.

Toledo is going to build a new 8,000 seat arena downtown and the owners of the Sports Arena sold it to the city and it is due to be torn down in the next few months.

Built is 1947, it was already old when I got to see my first concert ever in the mid 80’s. My friend talked me into going to the concert by Brian Adams since I had use of a car and he didn’t. The problem was my Mom refused to let me go. She didn’t want me driving the 40 miles to Toledo.

Like any teen, I didn’t take no for answer. I fed her a story that I couldn’t go anyway because I had to work that night. In reality I got the night off. My friend had real religious parents so he also got the night off work but told them he had to work late.

We stopped at the rest stop outside of Bowling Green to change to regular clothes and arrived at the arena shortly before the concert. The parking lot was full so we found a spot at a nearby school and practically ran to get to the place. We got inside as the opening act Survivor was on stage.

This was my first concert so I assumed we had seats on the floor. I found out that we were on the floor but there were no seats. We stood in the back for the entire show.

I had a good time, even after just being missed being hit but a pop thrown from someone who actually had a seat in the stands.

The one other time I remember going to the Sports Arena was for a circus when I was a boy. All I remember was the animal smell mixed in with the smell of straw. It was a fun time.

The Blade has an excellent series of articles from people who also attended events at the arena. Give it a read:

Only memories remain for once-bustling arena