On major issues, Republican views have been different

Tea Party meeting not reality

During the recent debt ceiling debate the GOP and their right wing propaganda machine harped on the fact that then Senator Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. He admitted that his vote was political but wasn’t needed to pass or defeat the raise. I learned today that the Republicans have also had changed views on taxes, favoring corporations, and health care reform.

According to Politifact, Senator Obama’s vote was typical and not needed:

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The Tea Party Downgrade

A Tea Party wet dream

Big thanks goes out to the Tea Party and Republicans for being big babies on taxes that led to the US to experience its first credit downgrade in history from credit agency Standard & Poor’s. Of course you might not hear that from those in the main stream media who like their false equivalencies. They will try to cover up the Tea Party involvement and to blame Democrats too. The truth is out there.

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Debt ceiling deal: A solution in search of a problem

Clipart of a hand shake

Just like during the budget fight last December, the ruling oligarchy took it to the last moment to agree on a deal on raising the debt ceiling. “Good” for them. The deal though is a solution looking for a problem.

As I have written before, cutting the budget now is stupid. It was stupid when it was done back at the end of last year.

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Debt ceiling “crisis” is actually a tyranny of the money majority

Image of a bounced check

As the Republicans drive us closer to the cliff of financial ruin, the fact is that the debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay for what has already been budgeted. Remember the government shut down crisis in December? Not only is this crisis a Tea Party wet dream, but the Democrats don’t get off the hook. Who’s bright idea came up with the need to cut the deficit while the economy wobbles after the gut punch in 2008 that led to 9%+ unemployment, tanked the housing market, and the largest income gap since 1928. What we are seeing isn’t just a GOP vs. Democrat battle, it’s the tyranny of the money majority.

The debt ceiling has to be raised to pay for the budget that was passed in December. This is similar to paying your credit car bill a month after using it to buy something. If you don’t pay your credit card bill on time or at all you get socked with a massive interest rate increase. That will happen for a start if the ceiling isn’t raised. It could also lead to grandma not getting her social security check and the weak recovery we have been under will bottom out. Then 9% unemployment would be seen as the good old days.

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A couple of video clips of my “buddy” Governor John Kasich of Ohio

Image of Governor John Kasich

Governor John Kasich can be a pain in the behind because he is easily angered when diplomacy and tact is needed. I’m sure his supporters love that about him but for me it tends to make me think he’s unstable – like a mean drunk. To do my part to help make Kasich a one term governor, I used a couple of clips of his recent budget signing gloat-fest to make some pro-Democratic party messages. Enjoy!

Governor Kasich tells all about the GOP agenda (link goes to YouTube site)

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