Supporting The Act Of Speaking, If Not The Content, Is Important

Charlie Hebdo cover

The massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris this week showed the breadth and width of views and comments on ridiculing religion. A lot of Muslims think that killing someone who ridicules their religion is a good thing while other Muslims and non-muslims don’t think that is rational. Of course you have some people who want to blame the victims for their own deaths or complain that Charlie Hebdo was being racist. Ideas should be allowed to be expressed even if those ideas are stupid and need to be ridiculed.

Comedian and atheist Bill Maher said in a recent interview:

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Prototypes are cool, baby….

While reading the October issue of Playboy Magazine (yes, I was reading it…), they gave review and short clip of the new album by the French band Prototypes. It blew me away.

Prototypes throw out a great mash-up of punk, new wave, and pop music. Since I don’t speak a word of French I have no idea what the lyrics are, but the music is kick ass.

My favorite song right now is “Je Ne Te Connais Pas”. said:

‘Je Ne Te Connais Pas,’ is almost perfect with wheezy organ, fuzz bass, handclaps, tambourine, and shouted yeah-yeah background vocals, all whipped into a frothy blend that sounds like 21st century ye-ye mixed with what you wish teen pop sounded like.


The album is available on iTunes and

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