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Religious Privilege Has Arrived In The NFL

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photo of Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for praying
Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for praying

On Monday night, Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah intercepted a Tom Brady pass and returned it for a touchdown. He decided to celebrate the big play and knelt to the ground in the endzone to pray. He was penalized according to the rulebook but the next day the NFL said it goofed. Now there is one set of rules for religious players and another set for those who don’t wear their religion on their sleeves. Religious privilege has arrived in the NFL.
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Morgan Freeman is a fan of “God of the gaps”

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Morgan Freeman is hosting a show on the Science Channel about the universe. I liked this interview until the 4:17 mark when “Easy Reader” said that God had a part in the creation of the Universe.

Specifically he claimed that when scientists don’t know something then that is where God comes in – God of the gaps.

Here is the video

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Those of us who don’t share that claim don’t mind when science can’t answer a question because we know that in the future an answer might be found. I’m disappointed that someone hosting a science show on a respected science cable channel, would fall back on old thoughts about unanswered questions.