Ohio Sheriff Calls President Obama An Enemy And Will Not Enforce Laws He Doesn’t Like

official image of Hancock County Ohio Sheriff Michael Heldman
Hancock County Ohio Sheriff Michael Heldman

Think law nullification is a quaint old timey southern strategy that was used to defend slavery in the 1860’s and segregation in the 1960’s? An Ohio Sheriff actually wrote a letter to President Obama not only implying the President is an enemy of the people but that the Sheriff would refuse to enforce any law which he personally didn’t agree. That’s right, he thinks the oath he took to uphold the laws and constitution of Ohio and the United States allows him to nullify laws he personally objects to.

In a letter dated February 1st, Hancock County Ohio Sheriff Michael Heldman decided to tell off the President of the United States:

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Another Reason Not To Believe In God

image of Bryan Fischer and Mike HuckabeeBryan Fischer & Mike Huckabee:
2 douches for God

After yet another mass killing at a school, the religious right comes out of the wood work to explain that such killings wouldn’t happen if we just let prayer back into the schools or God let a tragedy happen because we moved away from Him. What a bunch of stank rubbish! I know that the religious right are unreasonable and shun logic but equating a school shooting with not being able to pray in school is a load of crap.

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Ban All Guns

In the wake of the mass shooting in Arizona last Saturday, I have taken a look at guns and gun laws and have changed my personal view on them. We should start by banning all guns for non-military non-police purposes. Then we change criminal laws that would then call for automatic life sentences for crimes committed with a gun and automatic death sentences for any deaths caused in the commission of a crime involving a gun.

To be honest, a gun is for lazy people since it takes so little work to do so much damage. I say we ban all civilian guns so that when people want to commit a crime or murder someone they actually have to do some work using their fists, knives, or other non-gun weapons.

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