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Ban All Guns

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In the wake of the mass shooting in Arizona last Saturday, I have taken a look at guns and gun laws and have changed my personal view on them. We should start by banning all guns for non-military non-police purposes. Then we change criminal laws that would then call for automatic life sentences for crimes committed with a gun and automatic death sentences for any deaths caused in the commission of a crime involving a gun.
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Hugh Hewitt believes that rule of law is ‘just cliche’

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It actually seems cliche when the Right supports the rule of law only for them and not for anyone else. Like how they went nuts when Mayor Bloomburg suggested terrorist not be allowed to buy guns or supporting stripping citizenship without due process based on the people you associated with. There is a problem with that thinking.

As Instaputz points out: this is a cliche authored by John Adams. But what did he know?

BTW: Did you know they’re calling Lieberman’s new citizen strip bill the TEA act? Those Tea Party protectors of the constitution must be so proud.

But they also should worry just a little bit about this, don’t you think? After an evil socialist usurper is in the White House and a communist succubus is running the State Department, which will be given the power to decide who should and shouldn’t be stripped of citizenship and sent off to FEMA camps Gitmo. Can they really be trusted not to go after the nice law abiding tea partiers?

Rule ‘O Law — Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

You know should a “domestic” terrorist (aka white person) be stripped of their citizenship, the right would go insane. That is just as cliche.

Some Ohio college students want to carry guns on campus

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The Columbus Dispatch had a story on Tuesday 10/23 about a protest from some students who want to be able to have concealed weapons on campus. When Ohio adopted a concealed carry law they exempted university and college campuses. Students who feel such a prohibition is wrong, protested by wearing empty gun holster around campus.

“You can carry (a gun) in several places, but Ohio prohibits you from carrying at a university or college,” said [Evan] Peck, a senior majoring in math and sociology.

“But this campus is the one place where I spend the most of my time, and I should be able to protect myself.”

Mark Noble, a National Rifle Association instructor, said he hated leaving his gun in his car when he took classes at Ohio State.

“Thieves know that if you are a student, then you are not allowed to carry a weapon and so they’ll target you,” said Noble, 31, who graduated in June and is the chairman of the Franklin County Libertarian Party.

“But if they changed the law, then thieves wouldn’t know who is armed and they would move on to other targets.”

Protesters want guns on campus

I don’t see the point to it.

It seems they believe that we are still in the Wild West. I lived in the campus area for about 6 years and never once felt a need to have a gun or carry a gun. I was never bothered or attacked. There aren’t bad guys waiting behind every bush.

It just seems a bit childish as if carrying a gun is like some kind of gage of manliness or something. It would be better to just get a tattoo. Besides unless the person is ex-military or a frequent hunter I doubt people carrying their guns would even be the deterrent they think they would be.