Time Passes – Leave A Positive Legacy

School picture from 1973 The artist as a young man (circa 1973)

This month is the anniversary of my birth. Part of our life cycle. Birth, living, then death. All simple, neat and tidy. Millions have done it before me and millions more will come after me. Why am I so special? What is my purpose? It may surprise you to know, I know the answer to those questions and I’m both thrilled and scared about it at the same time. Whenever my birthday comes around, I get this sick feeling of dread that I try to hide from my friends and family. (Oops! LOL) But I don’t want to ignore the date. We can celebrate growing old.

Someone, I can’t remember who, described life as a roller coaster. From birth to a certain point in life, we’re moving up and up like going up the big hill of a roller coaster. After that certain point it’s all down hill. I do feel like I have started that down hill trip. Or I’ve flipped over the hour glass and the grains of time are slipping slowly to the other side. Whichever sad depressing metaphor works for you.

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Practical Humanism

Just announcing two new essays I wrote for the Central Ohio Humanist have now been posted to my iHumanism website. They deal with the practical application of the Humanist philosophy in one’s every day life.

Practical Ideas About Humanism: First, the Basics — The first in a series about the practical application of Humanism. This essay sets some basic assumptions that will be the back bone of following essays.

Practical Ideas About Humanism: THINK! — The second in a series about the practical application of Humanism. This essay highlights Carl Sagan’s “Baloney Detection Kit” for use by Freethinkers.