The IRS Doing Its Job And Other Drummed Up Political Outrages

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Well the Republicans have a real “scandal” to use to make more excuses to avoid doing their own jobs. The IRS apologized for doing their job when a boatload of political groups tried to gain tax exemptions as charities to keep from having to disclose their donors. I get it, no one likes the tax man so this is an easy “outrage” to get on board. That’s why President Obama is equally “outraged”. I get a chuckle from my conservative friends who think we are entering a period similar to what lead President Nixon to resign in 1974. These fake “outrages” (IRS, Benghazi, and the AP phone records case) are no where near Watergate level. I mean if a President can start an unnecessary war in Iraq with lies and allow the economy to be trashed by the banks, then these current events are nothing in comparison.

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