Duverger’s Law Is Why Voting For Dr. Jill Stein Will Never Change Things

Dr. Jill Stein – Green Party Candidate in 2016 

When arguing with friends why they shouldn’t support 3rd party candidates in the national elections, I never had any solid evidence why it would never work. They made good points about principles and needing to ‘send a message’ but Duverger’s Law is concrete proof that voting 3rd party, in our current election system, is plain dumb and helps give us elected people like Donald Trump.

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Not Surprised I Side With Jill Stein

featured image with text I side with Jill Stein

One of the mainstays of the Internet are self-check quizzes you can take. The ones I like are the political ones. The most famous is the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” to find out if one is a Libertarian – I’m not by the way. Another quiz that actually can help one understand US politics today is the isidewith.com. You answer questions on various issues and as if by magic the quiz tells you which Presidential candidate your views align with. I wasn’t surprised mine were aligned with Jill Stein from the Green Party.

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