One Danger Of Quoting The Founding Fathers

image of John Adams - an original one percenter

The other day a conservative friend of mine posted a John Adams quote that was a rant about letting people who didn’t own property the right to vote. My friend tried to use to support his argument about our current government system. While Adams did write the words that were posted, taking his words out of context to support your fantasy view of the world could be dangerous.

Here is the quote in question:

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Hugh Hewitt believes that rule of law is ‘just cliche’

It actually seems cliche when the Right supports the rule of law only for them and not for anyone else. Like how they went nuts when Mayor Bloomburg suggested terrorist not be allowed to buy guns or supporting stripping citizenship without due process based on the people you associated with. There is a problem with that thinking.

As Instaputz points out: this is a cliche authored by John Adams. But what did he know?

BTW: Did you know they’re calling Lieberman’s new citizen strip bill the TEA act? Those Tea Party protectors of the constitution must be so proud.

But they also should worry just a little bit about this, don’t you think? After an evil socialist usurper is in the White House and a communist succubus is running the State Department, which will be given the power to decide who should and shouldn’t be stripped of citizenship and sent off to FEMA camps Gitmo. Can they really be trusted not to go after the nice law abiding tea partiers?

Rule ‘O Law — Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

You know should a “domestic” terrorist (aka white person) be stripped of their citizenship, the right would go insane. That is just as cliche.