Giving ‘Meet the Press’ Gig To Another Non-Journalist Doesn’t Help

created image of a Chuck Todd Poll I can agree with

I am not a fan of the Sunday pundit shows. I rarely watch them so I might see a segment or two presented on a website I visit. It was announced yesterday that Chuck Todd would take over for David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’ on NBC. Giving ‘Meet the Press’ Gig to another non-journalist doesn’t change my negative view of Sunday pundit shows.

At least up until the 1990’s, these shows tried to give the viewer ‘both sides of the story’ and you could count on the host to ask tough questions. These days it is just an opportunity for the guest (normally a Republican or other conservative) to answer softball questions in between giving their latest talking points. There just is not journalism on these shows. They are just a long infomercial for the guest.

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ESPN: Just Another Corporate Shill

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Last week it was reported that sports network ESPN had pulled out of a co-production with PBS’ ‘Frontline’ documentary show about the serious issue of concussions in the National Football League (NFL). The report was that the NFL pressured ESPN to pull out which shouldn’t be a surprise since the network pays a billion dollars for the rights to NFL games and league access. It is further proof that our mainstream media won’t challenge their corporate owners.

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How Not To Write A News Story About Rape

Hommer saying Doh!

The home page for my browser shows the news feed for Yahoo News. Imagine my shock when a front page story’s headline talked of the family of a victim of an “alleged rape” filing a civil lawsuit for wrongful death against the suspects after she had committed suicide. Luckily the article wasn’t a news report but a blog post about a news story because this was an excellent example of how not to write a news story about rape.

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So, Where Did All The Obama Stimulus Money Go?

screencap from Mitt Romney's False Ad
Mitt Romney’s False Ad

Living in Ohio I have been exposed to an avalanche of political advertisements so far this election season. A majority of them are negative, play loose with the facts, and are from 3rd parties who hide where their money comes from. All of those elements, to me are un-American. What really pisses me off is when an ad is actually a lie. What makes me even more mad is when that false ad was put out even after the facts were known. Mitt Romney released such an ad with the tagline of “Where did all the Obama stimulus money go?” Now because my local journalists seem to refuse to fact check this false ad I’ll have to do it here.

The ad starts:

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