Christian Business Owner Reneges On Agreement To Allow Camp Quest Fundraiser

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Camp Quest Oklahoma set up a fundraiser at a BBQ restaurant in Broken Arrow. Ten percent of food and beverage proceeds would be donated to Camp Quest. The restaurant even signed off on the flyer people would use to initiate the donation. Just as the event was to take place, the owner pulled the plug because Camp Quest’s “beliefs” did not align with the Christian philosophy of his business. It didn’t matter the group didn’t hide its “beliefs”, the owner just didn’t like the fact that Camp Quest caters to atheist, agnostic, and freethinking families.

Text of the notice posted at the time the fundraiser was to take place:

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My Little League Experience

The Little League World Series final is today 8/29 with Japan vs Hawaii. Whenever I see the game each year it reminds me of the movie “The Bad News Bears” and my own experience in Little League back when I was 11 to 13 years old.

I played for the GM Red Sox and our coach when I was 12 was Robert Nichols who would later be my Phys Ed teacher in Junior High and even later became a Findlay City Councilman – which I notice he is serving again as a councilman from the 5th Ward.

I played outfield and batted 9th because I was such a great player… NO… I stunk as a hitter. During my “career” I had 2 hits. Just 2 over three years.

Coach Nichols tried to help me be a better hitter. One day during practice he came up to me at home plate and held a ball in his hand.

“I want you to hit this ball out of my hand,” He said.

“What?” I said.

“Take your bat and hit this ball out of my hand.”


I took my stance and he held the ball on the palm of his hand.

You know where this is going, right?

I took a full power swing at the ball and the bat crashed into Coach Nichols hand completely missing the ball. He immediately started screaming words that I wouldn’t really learn until I got to Junior High. He held his hand and was in intense pain.

“Why did you do that for?” he screamed at me.

“You told me to!” I yelled back.

I so wanted to go home at that point. I figured that was it – kicked out of Little League. I slunk back to the dugout while all the other guys on the team laughed at me.

Coach Nichols paced around for a while shaking out his hand occasionally glaring at me. Then when he calmed down he came to the dug out.

“You’re right I did tell you to hit the ball out of my hand. I should have been more specific about not taking a full swing.” He said and smiled slightly

“I’m sorry…” I said.

“It doesn’t seem broken so I’ll be okay. Get out in the field for some pop fly practice.”

At the next game I hit a walk off grand slam to win the league championship all thanks to Coach Nichols… Sorry I made that last part up. Never happened. I still stunk, played outfield, and batted 9th.

What did happen was I found out I needed glasses.

Me on the GM Red Sox in 1981, year after events in this story. I still stunk.