Politicians should stop sucking Corporate nards

John Harwood of NBC gave a quote from anonymous White House source that was disparaging toward progressive bloggers. Those bloggers have been giving the current administration heat for some of their actions and policies that were opposite of what was promised during the 2008 campaign. My response to that quote is in the title of this post.

Progressive bloggers were in an uproar Sunday night after a White House “adviser,” speaking on condition of anonymity, urged them to “take off their pajamas” and get serious about politics.

NBC White House correspondent John Harwood relayed the quote during a segment he shot for Nightly News following a massive gay rights rally in Washington.

Bloggers Furious At White House For Anonymous Ridicule

Poor Governor Taft: Painted himself into a corner

Poor Governor Taft.

More than a hundred years of family political history tarnished all for free games of golf from lobbyists.

President Taft just turned over in his grave.

Governor Taft pleaded no contest to four first-degree misdemeanor ethics violations, which carried maximum sentences of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine each and he was ordered to write an apology to the citizens of the State of Ohio.

Naturally state Democrats and even some Republicans are calling for Taft to resign and on first gush one would say it is harsh for misdemeanor convictions. I would agree until you find out that during Taft’s time in office he has forced others working for him to resign for less than what he did. He has also gone on record that he would get rid of any state worker who didn’t comply with the ethics laws 100%.

Free golf was the reason four people were forced out: Randall A. Fischer, former director of the Ohio School Facilities Commission; ex-Consumers� Counsel Robert S. Tongren; Richard P. Frenette, manager of the state fair; and Gino Zomparelli, director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission.

That’s why there are calls for him to resign. Of course his term ends next year and many political people are saying that he should just finish his term since he can’t run again due to term limits.

That’s not to say Taft was a good governor to begin with. I think wallpaper has more personality than Taft. A recent poll showed 51% of Ohioans said “Taft is the governor?” – well not really. A real poll showed that Taft has the highest disapproval rating, 55%, or any governor in 25 years.

I just think the ethics charges are the least of his worries.

I also get a chuckle every time high minded moralistic politicians make absolutist statements then seem to ignore it when it applies to them. Does anyone remember when President Bush said he would fire any staffer who leaked material to the press then seem to forget he said that when his best bud Karl Rove was the one who outed Valerie Plame??

It has happened so much that such statements just don’t mean anything to me anymore.