Another Reason Not To Believe In God

image of Bryan Fischer and Mike HuckabeeBryan Fischer & Mike Huckabee:
2 douches for God

After yet another mass killing at a school, the religious right comes out of the wood work to explain that such killings wouldn’t happen if we just let prayer back into the schools or God let a tragedy happen because we moved away from Him. What a bunch of stank rubbish! I know that the religious right are unreasonable and shun logic but equating a school shooting with not being able to pray in school is a load of crap.

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Violence Brought On By ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Film Brings Out Problematic Reactions

cartoon of a dead terrorist
Silence! I KILL YOU!

An amateur anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube triggered a riot in Egypt and Libya and gave cover to a militant Islamic militia in Libya to murder the US Ambassador to Libya and three other foreign service workers at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th. There have been problems with reactions both politically and in general to the violence. The last thing we need to do is to censor the Internet or “turn the other cheek”.

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Dangerous Right Wing Douchebags

After hearing about another right winger loon killing people in the name of “Amerirka”, I decided to put together an all star list of right wing pundits who don’t care what they say, don’t take responsibility for their words, and just hate America and what it stands for. Feel free to print out my poster and post around your community to warn them of these chowder heads because they help victimize everyone.

I really wish these people would be victims of the economic melt down.

Who cares about the murder of JonBenet?

It must be August – the dog days of summer – when our supposed mainstream media have nothing to report so we get stories right out of the old “True Crime” magazine. Just like the obsession on the Scott Peterson case, or the missing co-end in Aruba, the media seem to obsess about scandalous stuff.

For example on the same day the suspect in JonBenet’s murder was arrested, a federal judge in Detroit ruled President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping was unconstitutional. I have news alerts setup with my local media and news sources like Google and Yahoo. I got 2 alerts for the wiretapping announcement. I got 4 alerts for the murder case.

Which one do you think I think is more important?

If you said the wiretapping case you win.

Don’t get me wrong. I do think it is good that it seems they solved the murder case, but when an entertainment news show like Access Hollywood does a feature on the arrest – you know there are problems with decisions on what is news.

A murder occurs somewhere in the world every day. For example in the year of JonBenet’s death in 1996, Washington, DC reported 400 murders. Covering just one murder with so many resources, the media is pandering to the salacious side of people. It also seems a bit bigoted. The cases that seem to be focused on involve the death or kidnapping of white females.

It all just makes me turn the channel.