Ohio Secretary Of State Jon Husted Hopes You Have Brain Damage

head shot of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted decided to support recent GOP talking points to justify suppressing the vote. In a letter sent to President Obama, Husted claims the President’s executive action to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation will lead to voter fraud. Too bad Husted’s previous comments and actions contradict his letter. I guess he hopes we all have brain damage and won’t remember what he said before.

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Are Voter Registration Purges Coming To Ohio?

image of Your Vote Counts - Maybe button

There have been recent stories of voter registration purges in Texas and Florida. A story appearing in the pro-Kasich newspaper The Columbus Dispatch may suggest that an attempt will be made in Ohio to purge voter rolls. Anyone who cares about their Constitutional rights should be very wary to hear that Ohio wants to remove valid voter registrations from the rolls.

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Jon Husted standing up to strawmen

Jon Husted is running for Ohio’s Secretary of State office. In the first TV commercial I’ve seen, he hits the usual conservative talking points even if he has to use strawmen to do it.

Husted is currently a State Senator for the 6th District.

Jon Husted campaign commercial

First of all Husted didn’t “stand up to liberal ACORN to prevent election fraud” since there was no proof or charges of fraud perpetrated by ACORN in Ohio in any election.

Rights are not given to us by God. They are written into the US Constitution.

I am still not sure what “immoral government debt” I need to be worried about or it will hurt my children.

It is obvious that Husted is not a fan of the separation of church and state – see the example about the prayer in the state house – but he also supported exemption for priests involved in pedophilia back in 2007 under Senate Bill 17.

This is just the beginning and it already seems Husted is wrong for the job.