No $4,000 Tax Increase From Obama – Romney Lies In His Ads Too

screencap from Romney ad showing lie about American Enterprise Institute
American Enterprise Institute non-partisan? HA!

It’s common knowledge that Mitt Romney massively lied during the first Presidential debate on October 3rd. Now it seems he’s blatantly lying in his campaign advertisements. One in particular, running in my neck of the woods, claims a source for some tax data is non-partisan when in reality the American Enterprise Institute is far from non-partisan.

Here is the ad:

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FCC Database Now Shows Local Station Political Ad Buys

image of a For Sale sign with Democracy at the bottom

I discovered today that the local station political ad buy forms the FCC required to be put online and the broadcasters fought, are available to search. The database went online on August 2nd but didn’t have to include any information before that date. But even the short time it has been collecting information there is a lot you can learn from the information if your station is in a battleground state like Ohio. Here is a brief tutorial on how to find information if you want to find it.

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President Bill Clinton Says There Is A Clear Choice

image of President Clinton in Obama for America Ad
President Clinton: “This is a clear choice”

Being a swing state I am being bombarded by political ads as we get closer to the 2012 elections. But I saw one this week that actually caught my interest and concisely summed up why President Obama should be re-elected. It was no surprise that the speaker in the ad was President Bill Clinton, the king of political media.

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So, Where Did All The Obama Stimulus Money Go?

screencap from Mitt Romney's False Ad
Mitt Romney’s False Ad

Living in Ohio I have been exposed to an avalanche of political advertisements so far this election season. A majority of them are negative, play loose with the facts, and are from 3rd parties who hide where their money comes from. All of those elements, to me are un-American. What really pisses me off is when an ad is actually a lie. What makes me even more mad is when that false ad was put out even after the facts were known. Mitt Romney released such an ad with the tagline of “Where did all the Obama stimulus money go?” Now because my local journalists seem to refuse to fact check this false ad I’ll have to do it here.

The ad starts:

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