Attorney General Mike DeWine Is Ohio Right To Life’s ‘Errand Boy’ In War On Women

image of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
I’m telling you I hate women – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

The Ohio GOP war on women continues as Attorney General Mike DeWine quickly does the bidding of Ohio Right to Life when Toledo’s last abortion clinic successfully complied with one of the state’s draconian anti-abortion laws. The forced birth crew is now trying to change the rules yet again.

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Ohio GOP Rigs Vote To Pass Heartbeat Bill Out Of Committee

clipart showing a prohibited line through a coat hanger

In what seemed like deja vu, Republicans in the Ohio legislature rigged a committee vote on the anti-abortion law known as the Heartbeat Bill (House Bill 248). The GOP pulled a similar stunt back in 2011 in the Ohio Senate to pass out of committee Senate Bill 5 that attempted to strip collective bargaining from public employee unions.

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Everything Should Be Open To Questioning? Not Quite

photo showing a happy couple

Being an atheist, I have spent a lot of time debating religious people about all sorts of things such as my freedom to be an atheist to the US motto (In God We Trust) being printed on our money. The theist is on the wrong side of the debate all the time but they seem to believe my equality and freedom is subject to debate. No one would rationally support that kind of injustice. Imagine my shock when a fellow atheist, trying to support debating the equality of women, used a line of argument we atheists dismiss out of hand when fundamentalist Christians use it against Evolution.

This all stems from the unending internal Internet arguments over sexism in secular groups that I’ve written about before in this blog. The fighting has devolved into unproductive name calling and whining one sees on the middle school playground. I try to avoid reading blog posts specifically about the conflict because those posts just seem to be attempts by the authors to feel superior to a straw man and no one really listens to what is being said. The signal to noise ratio is very low.

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