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Swiss Cheese 2016

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Official campaign page for the Swiss Cheese for President 2016 campaign

Cheese! 2016 logo

Read the first interview with the candidate

Swiss’ 4 Point Plan to return America to greatness:

Here is the announcement video:

Download and share this poster on all your social media accounts:

Editor note: In case you read this far I hope you realized this has all been a satire on our sometimes stupid election system. If you didn’t know it before know I apologize for your confusion.

Support real candidates who don’t pander to the small subset of bigots in this country and who want to actually create change.

Restoring Honor the Swiss Cheese way

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Glenn Beck had his masturbatory rally in Washington on August 28th. It was a mix of religious revival and fascist party rally (a group called “The Black Robes”? really?). It has and will be mocked with ridicule and parody so I offer up a version of my own. And the world famous cartoon Swiss Cheese wanted to help out.

Restoring Honor 2010 – Swiss Cheese

Strickland worried?? – John Kasich is worried about the truth

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John Kasich has nothing to offer Ohio as governor. The tired GOP talking points have been rebutted and proven they don’t work. Kasich and the RGA has to put out attack ads that don’t tell the truth. Here is a rebuttal, I made, to their recent coffee shop ad.

“Worried??” – John Kasich is worried about the truth