Born Again Actor Won’t Quit His Filthy Job

screencap of Jon Cryer with Angus T Jones on the show Two & Half Men
Jon Cryer with Angus T Jones on the show Two & Half Men

The CBS sitcom Two and Half Men has been on the air for almost ten years. In that time we have watch the 1/2 man, Jake, played by actor Angus T. Jones, grow up into the young man he is today. This week a YouTube video had Jones, a recent born again Christian, pleading for his fans to stop watching his show because it was nothing but filth and part of Satan’s plan. I respect his commitment to his new faith but it is obvious he doesn’t mind cashing the paychecks from his filthy show.

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Doug’s List of the Best of TV and Movies in 2010

I know you don’t care about my tastes but since my Mom refuses to read my stuff any more I have to post it some where. Here are my lists of the best TV and movies of 2010.

TV Shows

10. Rules of Engagement
9. Cougar Town
8. Parenthood
7. Sherlock
6. The Middle
5. Community
4. Modern Family
3. Big Bang Theory
2. The Good Wife
1. Mad Men

Movies (not in any particular preference)

The Crazies
The Kids Are All Right
Due Date
The Other Guys
Despicable Me
The Town
Easy A
The Switch
Toy Story 3
All Good Things
Winter’s Bone

These picks are based on the TV and movies that I have actually seen. YMMV.

Sarah Conner Chronicles fans can be strange and creepy

I admit that in some rare cases I can lose rationality when trying to be a fan of whatever I am a fan of. Be it football, a film, TV show, or music, I can sometimes seem stupid. That’s what I faced when reading the official show blog of one of my current favs – Terminator – The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Reading some of the comments from the past few episodes left me gob smacked and I hope if I ever act that way, that someone slap me upside the head. Some fans are strange and creepy.

In case you don’t know Terminator – The Sarah Conner Chronicles (aka TTSCC) is part of the Terminator movie franchise started by James Cameron with his movie Terminator in 1984. Basically humans build a defense computer called Skynet that becomes self aware and attempts to destroy humanity. It sends a Terminator (a human like cyborg) back in time to kill the mother of the leader of the human resistance. Her name is Sarah Conner. The Terminator was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What I liked about the story was the future war and John Conner. The films showed a bit of that war and glimpes of John Conner. The TV show follows Sarah and John roughly in the time period between the 2nd and 3rd film although in the first episode they threw in a time shift to 2008, so it is on its own time line.

There are two other supporting characters. One is Cameron – a reprogrammed female Terminator sent back to protect the teen aged John Conner. The other was Derrick Reese – brother of Kyle, John’s father.

Since the story is so layered and complex I sometimes check out the show’s official website. I read the producers notes and on occasion read the blog for each episode.

Although sometimes the comments from other fans bother me.

There are different views of the show and that is okay.

You have some who want more action and less talking. There are some who want more talking and less action. There are some fans who complain about logical holes in the plot – like how did one of the Terminators make it through the time displacement without being covered with living tissue.

Then some of the fans either tick me off or creep me out.

The actress who plays Cameron – Summer Glau – has her own fan base from her previous role in the TV show Firefly and those fan think that TTSCC should focus more on Cameron. They complain if she isn’t doing anything in scenes or doesn’t have a chance to beat someone up. They seem to forget it is called The Sarah Conner Chronicles so it should focus on Sarah and John with Cameron being a supporting character.

The creepy fans are the ones who crave a relationship between John Conner and Cameron. They think the human and robot should hook up. They also complain when John and Cameron aren’t in the scene. One fan even asked when they would be kissing. Ewwwww…..

I like the show and hope it gets a 3rd season but I have to remind myself not to visit the fan site too often.